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DeSautel Chiropractic is located in the heart of West Seattle, where we serve patients ranging in age from infants to seniors, with a focus on Spinal Rehabilitation and Postural Correction.

Founded by Dr. Robyn DeSautel in 1994, our goal is to help you permanently improve the function and alignment of your spine for a lifetime. We do this by offering a customized program of therapies, ranging from regular adjustments, massage and acupuncture, to low level laser therapy, and a highly personalized series of exercises. We work with you to relieve your body of pain and lead you to a deeper, more satisfying life experience. 

Our philosophy...

We believe that every individual has a universal, internal intelligence that runs and heals the body, and that it is our duty to help you re-connect with your body’s inner healing power.

Our mission...

The chiropractors and staff at DeSautel Chiropractic are dedicated to helping as many people as divinely possible by giving the best natural care and most extraordinary service possible.

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About Dr. Robyn...

Since she started her busy chiropractic office in 1994, Dr. Robyn R. DeSautel has been dedicated to teaching her patients about the universal intelligence within that runs and heals the body.

Dr. Robyn received her Bachelor of Science degree in pre-med and business at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, graduating with honors in 1988. She then graduated from Western States Chiropractic College’s four year program in three years, with honors, in 1992. After working with other chiropractors for two years, Dr. Robyn started her own practice in West Seattle, where she continues to work to this day.

Dr. Robyn is a member of the Washington Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association, World Chiropractic Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau.  Read more >

5902 California Ave SW

West Seattle, WA

(206) 932-3718