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Chiropractic at DeSautel

Desautel Chiropractic West Seattle Chiropractor

DeSautel Chiropractic offers a unique approach to chiropractic, with a focus on enhancing the life and energy level of every patient that walks (or is carried) through our door.

We strongly believe that there is a universal intelligence inside every one of us that assists our bodies in healing, and we encourage our patients to recognize and support this vital source.

Our approach is designed to permanently improve the function and alignment of your spine for a lifetime. 


After an initial consultation, we begin by detecting and diagnosing spinal imbalances, using traditional X-Rays as well as Electromyography (EMG) testing to measure nerve stress, body posture, and overall alignment. This is followed by spinal adjustments specifically tailored to each patient’s needs, utilizing a variety of approaches:

  1. Activation Instruments (such as Arthrostem and PTLM to increase blood flow)

  2. Hands-on Manipulation (from gentle to strong, based on individual needs and tolerances)

  3. Laser Therapy (Class III and Class IV strengths; read more about laser treatment here)

  4. Therapy Equipment (we pride ourselves on maintaining more therapeutic equipment than any other chiropractor in the area!)

We strongly encourage our patients to do selected exercises—both in and outside of our office—to help retrain and rehabilitate their muscles and ligaments with the goal of stabilizing their spine permanently.

The combination of spinal adjustments to remove nerve interference, equipment to assist in the healing process, and exercises to improve the body’s support tissues, along with our underlying education about the body’s internal healing abilities, all adds up to empowered patients who believe in their body’s power to heal from within!