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Is Dr. Robyn Leaving DeSautel Chiropractic?

Annual Patient Appreciation Party!
Thursday August 31st
from 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Mark your calendar and stop in for our annual Patient Appreciation Day… where we offer the infamous once-a-year free adjustments for existing patients, plus $15 exams + X-rays for any friends and family you recommend to us as new patients—along with some light refreshments, and a chance to celebrate the rest of our exciting news… including:

Dr. Robyn desautel chiropractic.png

I Got Married!

It all began earlier this year: while attending a chiropractic seminar in Chicago, I ran into an old and very dear friend from college. One thing led to another, and after months of long-distance courtship, we got married! Yippee! (and, no, I’m not pregnant..lol). However, he does have two girls age 14 and 11 (mine are 9 and 11). So I get the opportunity to be the UN-stereotypical step-mom. Good thing I meditate a lot…

Last but not least…

Dr. Stefanie Haugen desautel chiropractic.png


Dr. Stefanie is buying DeSautel Chiropractic and Massage!

Effective September 1st of this year, our very own Dr. Stefanie is going to be taking over my practice. She’s an excellent doctor (having practiced for 16 years), she’s been my wonderful, trusted associate chiropractor here at DeSautel for 4 years, and most of all, she has a huge heart, which you all know means the world to me.

Plus she has extra training in disc injuries, decompression, and laser, and knows a lot about a wide range of health issues—from sports injuries, to exercise and nutrition.

Dr. Stefanie Haugen kids desautel chiropractic.png

Now that Dr. Stefanie’s two girls (pictured above) are age 18 and 21, she’s ready to devote herself to boosting your energy, reducing your stress, and eliminating your pain. If you haven’t worked with her yet, you are in for a real treat and great care. It’s a rare person that cares about people as much as Dr. Stefanie!!

As much as I will be sad to leave everyone, at least I know you will be in good hands. But why, you might ask, am I leaving DeSautel?

It all comes down to love.

My new husband, Dr. Blaine Kingsbury, lives in Kansas City. Meanwhile I grew up in the Midwest, and have tons of family and friends still living there. So I’ve decided to move to Kansas City to share my life and even share a practice with my husband, who is also a chiropractor.

Kansas City is not Seattle, and my practice, my staff, and my patients (who I love) are not going to be there, so it was not an easy decision. But my mom is moving with us (thank God), my brother will be only 5 hours away, and my best friend from high school will be only 2 hours away.

Alas, the heart wins out… (not to mention the thought of no traffic)… lol.

Dr. Robyn desautel chiropractic kids and family .png

I can’t thank you enough for being my patients and sharing in the wonderful life I’ve had here for so long. I know I could never have survived and thrived for 23 years here in West Seattle without the love and help of my amazing patients.

Huge thanks also go to my awesome staff—Sophea, Amy, Nona and Traci, not to mention Shaunne, Andrea and Kris our amazing massage / acupuncture therapists—all of them are staying on under Dr. Stefanie. I am very confident that this amazing team, lead by Dr. Stefanie, will continue to take good care of you and your family.

Please mark your calendar to stop by on Thursday August 31 to say goodbye and hello, get a free adjustment, share our super special exam/x-ray deal with your friends and family members, and enjoy some refreshments!!

And if you’re ever in the Kansas City area, I will be practicing in Overland Park as Dr. Robyn Kingsbury, so please look me up!

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Robyn