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What to expect on your first visit

From the moment you walk into DeSautel Chiropractic, you will begin your journey toward experiencing life without pain. Whether you are visiting for a recent personal injury, chronic pain, or to enjoy the wellness benefits of chiropractic, when you leave your first visit, you will know you have come to the right place. So, what exactly will happen on your first visit?

Your first visit should take 45 minutes to one hour. During this time, Dr. Haugen and our team will gather a complete picture of your story so we can build the best personalized treatment plan for you.



Upon arrival, most of you will have completed a health history online ahead of your visit, so simply check in and relax. If you were unable to submit your history online, please notify the office so we can receive the information in office. By submitting an accurate health history and letting us know the reason for your visit, you help us determine how we can best get you out of pain.



Then you will meet with Dr. Stefanie Haugen. We will discuss your health-related concerns, your treatment approach so far, and your condition. Most importantly, we will discuss your goals. “I want what you want,” said Dr. Haugen. “ I believe you and I are working together to get you to your goal, whether it’s golfing, pick up your grandchild, or just be able to sit without pain.”


Chiropractic exam

Once both you and Dr. Haugen feel you have given a complete picture of your story, she will begin a thorough chiropractic exam. This will provide a picture of your flexibility and function. She will also work to discover the root cause of your pain or condition using other standard neurological, orthopedic, posture, and physical tests. Depending on the condition, we may take X-rays that can alert us to any serious spinal conditions, as well as help us to plan the best treatment plan. And of course, no tests will be done without your consent.


Follow up visit & Treatment

Once all tests are complete, you will schedule your next visit—as early as the next day. Between your first and second visit, Dr. Haugen will create a picture of your condition using the discussion, exam, tests, and X-rays.

During your follow up visit, if you have taken X-rays, you will get a chance to see them. At this visit, we will discuss a treatment plan, and Dr. Haugen will answer what likely are your top three questions: Can you help me? How much will it cost? How long will it take? If it is part of your treatment plan, you will experience your first adjustment at this time.

It’s not just as simple as getting out of pain—it’s more that our patients get to experience life without pain. Pain is just a thing, but it holds us back. Often people are missing out of parts of their life, and they think they have to sit with it and put up with it. But they don’t.

I want people to experience life better doing at least what they have to do, and at best what they love to do.
Life is better when you have chiropractic.”
— Dr. Haugen

Dr. Haugen and the entire team look forward to welcoming you to our office, which can start you on a path to a better life.